5. Feb, 2017

Fish oil capsules

I've been looking into cost effective and sufficient long chain Omega 3 fatty acid supplementation for family and friends. People that aren't huge fans of seafood or can't afford it or simply want to ensure they're getting enough. Before you ask, plant sources of omega 3s such as flaxseed aka linseed (not including algae, which is the original source of marine omega 3s) are in my opinion a waste of time as less than 10% is converted to the long chain EPA & DHA that our bodies need. As sources of fibre and antioxidants they're great, but don't rely on them as your primary omega 3 source.

Chemist Warehouse online have Nature's Way 1000mg 200 capsules for just $7.50 at the moment. They contain 180mg EPA & 120mg DHA. Taking 2 capsules a day that's just 10c/day to get your recommended 500mg/day (though the evidence shows 250mg is sufficient for those in good health, 500mg is the recommendation to decrease the risk of chronic disease).
Blackmores odourless mini caps (if you have trouble with the big capsules) 400s are on special for just $19.99 (1/2 price) at Chemist Warehouse right now. EPA is 115mg & DHA is 187mg, so you should take 2 per day. This is also 10c/day and the DHA is higher, which is good.
I like Chemist Warehouse because I can get free postage >$99 orders and their specials are pretty hard to beat. I have no affiliation with them, or anyone else for that matter :)

If you have kids or oldies that can't swallow those humongous fish oil capsules, Amcal Chemists also have a $15 special valid until April on Blackmores Odourless Fish Oil Mini Caps 200s. Kids would only need 1 capsule/day which contains 115mg EPA & 187 DHA, at a cost of 7.5c/day. I've tried them & they have a mild citrus taste if you chew them (my girls can't swallow any capsules or tablets). Adults would take 2 per day, which equates to 15c/day.

A small investment indeed to ensure brain (both tissue and cognitive function) and cardiovascular (especially heart muscle) health, as well as reduce inflammation in joints, and foetal development if you're female and thinking of having a baby.