1. Jun, 2017

The trouble with gluten

The real reason so many people are having trouble with gluten may simply be the extensive industrial processing of our food.
"Bread that does not rely on commercial yeast strains for a quick rise is easier to digest, especially for those who have trouble with gluten, because the gluten breaks down almost fully before the bread is baked."
One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother's (sourdough) bread trough, similar to the one in the pic but without the cover (at least I don't remember there being one). I always wondered why it was so big, but never asked. After reading this story I now understand the process.
There's not a lot we can't learn from that generation about food. We need to stop wanting everything NOW. We need to choose quality over convenience. We need to get back to traditional methods if we are to reduce the inflammation in our bodies that is leading to so many premature deaths from preventable diseases. Imagine the longevity that modern medicine would provide us if we did!