23. Apr, 2018

Vegie Delights Gluten Free Lentil Patties

Product #2 that I discovered were these amazing vegan gluten free lentil patties. We've all had disappointing lentil burgers, let's be honest. This is definitely not one of those. 

They are in the freezer in Coles, not sure about Woolworths as I don't shop there that often. 

You can cook them from frozen or defrost, cutting the time. I love the fact that you can oven cook, BBQ or pan fry. I prefer to pan fry in a bit of olive oil. Imagine my surprise when I noticed sunflower seeds in my pan when I flipped them. OK so I hadn't looked at the ingredients properly. Unusual for me, but I know this brand pretty well and I know I don't have to. 

Though they don't look like your average patty - they're flat and thinner than I expected - they are tasty enough to be the star of your plate. Having said that, in a couple of pieces of multigrain toast with salad and tzatziki they were something else! You can keep your BLTs and hamburgers, I'm very satisfied with my lentil 'burger' (even if it is on toast) thank you. 

Of interest to fellow 'vegos' will be the B12 (75% of RDI), Iron (22% of RDI) & Zinc (28% of RDI) content per serve. 

Fibre counters will appreciate that it's a good source of fibre at 6.3g per 75g serve. 

If I adopt a standard 5 star rating system for food, this is a 4.5. Why not full marks? I'd like it to be a much better source of iron, I expect as much from a vegan/vegetarian food manufacturer. 

I'd like to reiterate that I don't have a relationship with any food, beverage or supplement companies, and that this is a public service announcement.