20. Nov, 2017

Vegetarian Curried Sausages & Vegies (Pressure Cooker)

The instructions here are for a pressure cooker. I couldn't live without one. There is no reason why you couldn't adapt this to a slow cooker if you've been using one for a while, or even to the old stove top (you'd need to add more boiling water).

Suitable for: Vegetarians & Vegans

1 Red onion - diced
1 tsp minced ginger, (or fresh if you have time)
2 cloves or 2tsp minced garlic
1- 1.5 tsp Keens Curry Powder
0.5 tsp turmeric 
olive oil*
3 cups red cabbage, cut into bite size pieces
1 large kumara (orange sweet potato) - diced
2 medium carrots - sliced into 1cm rounds
2-3 cups frozen peas
2 Carisma potatoes - diced 
1 apple - diced
1 cup Doongarra Brown Rice
3 cups stock (1 cup water: 1 chicken** or vegetable stock cube) 
boiling water 
1 pack Vegie Delights Vegie Sausages - cut into 2cm rounds

Nothing is peeled except for the onion & garlic.

*I never measure olive oil and I think it's usage is an individual thing. Being of Southern European heritage, I'm not scared to use too much - is there any such thing?!?. I also cook intuitively rather than follow recipes at my age, so even the above measurements have been jotted down after the meal. Add as much olive oil as you are comfortable with, considering that it needs to be sufficient to saute the onions, garlic, ginger & spices.

Cook until the onions are translucent. Put all other vegetables & rice in, stirring well so the spice is distributed evenly. Add the stock next. Top up with as much boiling hot water as required to completely cover the veg and for the liquid to sit about 2cm above them (ie swimming in it).
Cook for 30 minutes in the pressure cooker, allowing pressure to fall naturally on completion (this will take 15-30 minutes longer). When pressure falls & you can safely open the lid, add the cut sausages and stir thoroughly. They only need 5 minutes to heat through and it's ready to serve.

**chicken stock cubes do not contain chicken, they're vegetarian!

This easily feeds a family of 5, with enough leftovers to use for lunches the next day (when everything tastes better!).