How I can help your business

HOSPITALITY - Cafes and Restaurants

Consulting services to the hospitality industry include recipe/menu adaptation (see examples below), as well as staff nutrition, food allergy/intolerance/avoidance and food safety education.

  • Low FODMAP for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) sufferers 
  • Gluten free for Coeliacs and the gluten sensitive/intolerant
  • Low Lactose or Lactose free for the lactose intolerant
  • Increasing dietary fibre &/or prebiotic content for the health conscious
  • Low or No Added Sugar for diabetics and Low Carbers
  • Vegan; vegetarian; pescatarian

Food avoidance is becoming more and more common, and if your business does not cater for it you may unnecessarily be missing out on revenue. To stand out from your competition, you must have a point of difference. Make yours catering for people with the types of health issues which, in combination, affect up to 50% of the population, and your  business will reap the benefits. 


For retail & convenience (including fuel) stores, with almost 30 years experience in the industry, I can help you...

...ensure food safety compliance your specific demographic in order to maximise sales 

...minimise waste and shrink in order to maximise profit

...train staff in customer service, food handling, allergy/intolerance/avoidance awareness 

...manage accredited training 

...source suppliers/providers

...source products/ingredients eg. 

  • dairy free; gluten free; lactose free; 
  • diabetic; low or no added sugar or naturally sweetened foods
  • cafe ingredients and cleaning products


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